Logo, mixed collection
Branding, design and logo.
Logo for WE LIMO - private Limousine Services
Logo for EVOLKEY - Digital Communication Agency
Demo Brand Franchising " Ship and Chips " Store
Question and Answer is a Telecom Italia Group division that is responsible for coordinating the threads on the boards of directors of the company.
Logo of Telecom Italy to promote environmental initiatives
Annual Meeting of Telecom Italia Group Financial Community, 2001 in Florence ( Italy ) .
Logos of Information Technology activities for Telecom Italia Group
Logo Albo Appraisers, initiatives of the municipality of Rome
Francesco Ilacqua , ristorazione Bar and Catering.
Mediartha, Agenzia di comunicazione e design.
Framelab, Studio di design and video post production.
Hotel service chatting and social communication.
Logo "Gala Delle Margherite", non-profit organization Charity Events.
Retail chain of printing and graphic communication.
Branding image for the Electric Motors Guarnaccia Company.
Ursa Major Media, Advertising Communication Company logo.
White Vinile, Joung Music and Rock Band Logo.
Rosapaola Lucibelli Photographer Logo.
Rebrand Gala Delle Margherite - Onlus Organization
Web Channel News
Shop Awnings
Consulting IT Developer Company
On Way To Italy - Service Shore Excursions Tours  in Italy
Prima Classe Italy - Service Shore Excursions Tours  in Italy
Your English In Rome - English School in Rome ( Italy )
Web Portal News

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