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Our great wealth? The diversity. Our secret? A common vision. Those who are part of the Evermind network share a vision of the world even before they want to work together. Collaboration, participation and sharing are our guides. We share the idea that goals arise from concrete and human needs. We share the dream of being able to imagine an activity for which work develops through the desire to play in the whole world by knocking down the four walls of an office. We share the vision of human relationships as the main lever for collaboration. We are convinced that the key is not to produce more but to produce better and the only way to realize this vision is to live it. We are aware that we are what we do and that is why we believe that our work should also inspire and contribute to creating a better world.

Collaborations with Sator International Group
Sator International Group
Society of production and post-production video, working on the whole national territory, Sator International Group, from the activities of production video, to the assemblage and post-production audio / video, realizing numerous advertising spot destined to the national tv, trailer for the cinema, filmed for events, institutional film, documentaries and video digital for the web, directly participating in the creative trial up to the delivery of the ended product. The portfolio clients of Sator International Group, pick up the most important brands in the different market categories: Eni, Bnl, Nissan, Findomestic, Italo, Set Italian, Publishing Group Condè Nast, Jellyfish and many others.

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